Hi, I'm Susan Stephens. I'm so glad you came by my web site!

I'm a watercolor artist and therapist / social worker living in Boulder, Colorado. In this gallery, you can see "web style" versions of some of my art work. As you can see, I'm influenced by animals and natural scenery – I love to put the two together!

Click on a "thumbnail" below to see a larger image.

I'd like to hear what you think! Some of you may want to purchase the original, a print, or just postcard size (without the beveling or copyright notice). I'm not yet able to sell those directly over the internet, but please send me e-mail or call me at (303) 554-6312, and I'll send you a price list.


Berry Delight

Jewel in the Woods

Crimson Hideout

Raccoon Outing

Misty Mountains

Moose In Heather

Bunny in Hiding

Summer Glory

Winter in Blue Ridge

Skiing Near Flatirons


Deer in Lupines

Elk in Snow

Flatiron Ducks

Colorado Majesty

Marmot on Lichen

Silverton Vista

Twisted Tree with Deer

Elf Owl in Cactus

Pika Picnic

Vista with Bighorn

Moonlit Mountain

Alaskan Caribou

Pine Martin With Ice

St. Malo Chapel

Polar Bear Sunset

Lynx In Hiding

Winter Moose

Pygmy Owl In Branches

Let Sleeping Wolves Like

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