George Wolfe

The best source of information on this phase of the Seminary
comes from a series of articles written by Ric Nelson for the

NPS Alumnae Bulletin.
Those articles, and many of the photos which appear here,
are copyrighted by Ric Nelson. 
The photos are used here with his permission.

When the Cassedys first came to Forest Glen to look at the property and meet some of the local businesspeople, George Wolfe was one of the store owners who met with them. He sold his interest in that store in 1900, but he and his partner William Miller acquired the operation of the general store and Post Office in Forest Glen (next to the Train Station). The Wolfe family lived above the store in 1908.

John Cassedy acquired a partial interest in the general store, which was at that time called the Rowland Company. In 1910, Wolfe went to work for NPS as Manager of the Purchasing Department and Supervisor of Grounds.


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