The Kappa Windmill clubhouse

Kappa Windmill
When Kappa Delta Pi was formed in 1899, its members were allowed to look through the book of house plans the Cassedys had bought at the 1893 Columbian Exposition to choose a design. They settled on a plan that would take the international theme even further than Zeta's Swiss chalet.

The Dutch windmill had four stationary arms, and a third floor balcony. The building still stands today, minus the windmill arms. The beams in the interior are decorated with several Dutch phrases:

  • Een vrolijke weerd mookt vrolijke Gasten – A cheerful host makes cheerful guests
  • Wie de Roos wil pluppen moet de doornen niet ontizien – He who would pluck the rose must never fear the thorn
  • De adel der ziel is meer woor dez dan de adel des Geslachts – Nobility of soul is worth more than nobility of birth
  • Voort gij dan oost of voarje West eens eigen theiis is alder Best – Travel to the East or travel West one's own house is always best

interior of the Kappa Windmill

Some of the maps and "birds-eye" drawings show the Kappa Windmill (and the Alpha bungalow) moved across the Glen. Such a move was actually contemplated at one time during the Spring when the annual catalogs had to go to press, but during the summer, the carpenters convinced Dr. Ament that the expense and effort would be excessive, so it was not done. Nevertheless, the artists continued to update these drawings year by year without correcting their mistake. Both the 1919 and 1929 catalog "birds-eye" views showthese buildings in the wrong position!


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