Villa Dormitory

Villa residence hall

Villa is the name of the dormitory on the northeast side of campus. Meant to resemble an Italian villa, it was built in 1907 in the Renaissance revival style, and extended in the 1920s.

Villa was constructed in a beautiful and secluded section of campus, almost directly overlooking the Glen. It was adjacent to a wooded area known as the Grove, and was surrounded by several acres of gardens and trees.

Villa was connected to the other buildings on campus by the Pergola bridge, and the main drive into campus ran next to the building. Another road between Villa and the Beta Castle ran down into the Glen. Originally, the bottom floor of Villa was surrounded by brick "arcades," but at some time this was remodeled to a solid stucco appearance. The view from the two towers was so sought-after that rooms there were awarded by a lottery.

Villa housed about 75 students and faculty (mostly the Music faculty). It was shut down during the Depression to save money.

reception hall at Villa


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