Seymour Tullock

The best source of information on Seymour Tullock
comes from a series of articles written by Ric Nelson for the NPS Alumnae Newsletter.
Those articles, and many of the photos which appear here,
are copyrighted by Ric Nelson. 
The photos are used here with his permission.

Before he moved to the Washington area, Seymour Tullock had been a professor at the University of Wisconsin. He was Treasurer of the City Post Office in Washington.

But his most important role in our context was as President of the Forest Glen Improvement Company, the group that bought the Forest Glen land and developed both the Forest Inn hotel and Forest Glen Park.

The Tullock family lived in Braemar as their summer home. Charlotte Priest was Seymour Tullock's cousin, and was introduced by him to the Cassedys. Tullock served on the Board of Directors of National Park Seminary for many years.


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