Forest Glen Train Station

1878 Forest Glen Station

The Forest Glen train station was built in 1887, about the same time as the hotel. It was designed by E.F. Baldwin, who was the architect of many other railroad stations in the area. Baldwin is buried at nearby St. John's Church.

In addition to the building shown above, there was also a roofed platform on the other side of the tracks. A tunnel under the tracks allowed passengers to cross safely from one side to the other.

The present-day train tracks are several yards to the west of where they are in this picture. All that's left of the train station are the foundations of the platforms, and the tops of the walls of the tunnels can be seen (although the tunnels are filled in). It was demolished in the 1950's by the B&O Railroad due to lack of use. When the Capital Beltway was constructed, the rails themselves were moved on top of the previous site of the station.

Forest Glen Railroad Station

In this picture, NPS girls are standing around in their Peter Thompkins uniforms, which sets the date at sometime after 1912. To the left of the picture, you can see the entrance to the footbridge across the glen. Parallel to that wall and exiting to the far left is the automobile road that went through the front gate of the school.

View of the train station from the footpath The footpath went down the hill from the train station.


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