The Seminary contained many statues, works of art, and garden ornaments in keeping with a general philosophy that simply surrounding a young woman with beauty would help her develop culturally. Examples of fine sculpture could be found on the grounds as well as an assortment of less valuable copies and garden ornaments.

There were too many to show on this one page, but a sampling of the statuary and noteworthy objects suggests the wealth of art work that was at the Seminary. By each small picture, there is a description of the location and present status of each statue.

Click on any of the images below to see a larger version of the picture.
Greek Water Carrier, recently stolen Have you seen this statue? This is the Greek Water Carrier which stood, until recently, along Linden Lane, adjacent to the Chiopi clubhouse. It was stolen in August, 1996.
iron vase in Chateau gardens Iron Vase in the Chateau Gardens. Said to be one of the largest in the world. No longer there.
mermaid statue in the Glen Mermaid fountain in the Glen. No longer there.
Minerva, in front of Villa Statue of Minerva in front of Villa. Still there, but showing the effects of Beltway pollution.
statue of Silva in the Grove Statue of Silva in the Grove. Still there but overgrown. In Greek mythology, Silva and Minerva were sisters. This statue is also referred to as the Goddess of Mechanical Arts.
statuary colonade near Gymnasium Statuary colonnade on covered walkway from Aloha to Gymnasium. The walkway and most statues are gone from their original location. One remains in the adjacent parking lot, and one is behind a house on the grounds (the "Chauffeur's cottage"). The others are missing.
Italian fountain in front of Main Large fountain in front of Main Building. Brought back from Italy by Dr. Ament. Claimed by Ament to be 700 years old, but probably around 200 years old. Still there but the top portion may be stored in a basement, and the head of one of the three horses has been damaged.
Roman seat near Gymnasium Ornamental "Roman seat" near Gymnasium. Made of Sienna marble, it is said to have come from Italy broken into many pieces and restored at the Seminary. No longer there.
Statue of Hebe The statue of Hebe, the daughter of Zeus and Hera. Hebe was the goddess of youth, cupbearer to the gods, and wife of Heracles. This statue originally stood in front of Main, but when the fountain was installed, it was put on a pedestal adjacent to the Scenary Hall wing of Odeon. No longer there.
eagle This Eagle atop a brick column stood near Linden Lane until recent years, when it was moved to storage. NOTE: There is no larger version of this picture.
stone vase near Senior House Garden ornament near Senior House. No longer there.
statue that stood at corner of Odeon portico near Teresa Hall Statue ("Meditation") that stood at corner of Odeon portico next to Teresa Catherine Music Hall wing. No longer there.
Grief of Cyperissus Grief of Cyporissus. Also called "Oh Lord, I Missed the Train" by the girls, since it was near the footbridge and if you could see the train as you started across, it was already too late. Still there.
gryphon near entrance of Main One of a pair of gryphons near the entrance to Main. Removed in recent years, and stored in damaged condition.
statue of Justice, near Villa Statue of Justice. Date on statue says 1867. Origin unknown. Still there, but missing sword, scales, fingers, and showing the corrosive effects of proximity to the Beltway.
statues of lions Lions which flank entrance to a walkway that leads to Kappa Windmill. They were nicknamed Leo and Theo by the girls. Still there.
Joan of Arc, near Senior House "Joan of Arc at Domremy" statue, based on an original by Henri Chapu (1833 - 1891), now at the Louvre. Near entrance to Senior House. Still there, but threatened by vandals.
statue on top of Teresa Catherine Music Hall Statues on top of the Teresa Catherine Music Hall. Missing, and perhaps destroyed.
indian statue in front of Theta Mission house Hiawatha, in front of the Theta Indian Mission house. Still there, showing oxidation and his bow is badly mangled.

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