The first sorority organized at National Park Seminary was actually a secret literary society formed by Charlotte Priest and a few select students (see related story). However, the first society officially organized by the school was the Geuth-Hebrew Society. After some initial friction between Ms. Priest and Mrs. Cassedy over this incident, Ms. Priest was eventually given the job of organizing a sorority system at NPS which would eventually include eight sororities.

The societies were initially unstructured social clubs, but by 1900 it was clear that there were advantages and the desire for more structured sororities. The system was organized around two "Mother Sororities" (Delta Sigma, or Gamma Psi). The individual clubs were "chapter sororities" of one of these two. Mother Sorority House was built (it eventually became Recitation House) and each of the two Mother Sororities had space in the building. Each chapter sorority had its own clubhouse. These houses were not lived in by the members, but rather were places to socialize and entertain. Each student in NPS belonged to a sorority. Sorority members chose new members, but also had to accept a share of girls who had been passed over in the selection process.

The sororities and the year they were formed are as follows:

Chi Omicrom Pi ("Chiopi") 1894
Alpha Epsilon Pi 1895
Zeta Eta Theta 1898
Kappa Delta Phi 1899
Phi Delta Psi 1903
Pi Beta Nu 1903
Theta Sigma Rho 1903
Chi Psi Upsilon 1904

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