Odeon Playhouse

Odeon standing alone

National Park Seminary was unique among schools of its type and size in having its own playhouse, the Odean. The Odean was built in 1901, mixing Colonial and Classic architectural styles. The building had its own adjacent heating plant, and for a long time, it was the only building on Campus to have electricity. Odeon was location for the annual Baccalaureate ceremony.

During the Ament years, wings were added to the Odeon, and the longer of the two wings was used as a music hall and named after Ament's wife, Teresa Catherine.

Odeon standing next to Teresa Hall on the left

Even though they attempted to mimic a Grecian style with statues atop the building, the wings actually detracted from the original grace of the Odeon. It seems that the philosophy may have been "if four columns look good, a dozen will look great."
Odeon seen through the columns of Teresa Hall the wing of Odeon known as Teresa Hall
The interior of the Odeon was grand. The stage was very small, but adequate for the plays and concerts that were produced.

interior of Odeon showing stage

The balcony and boxes were decorated with plaster figures and garlands, there was a large "proscenium arch" at the back of the balcony, and there were romantic scenes painted on the walls.

interior of Odeon looking out from stage

The interior was changed dramatically when WRAMC took over. However, the biggest change was wrought by arsonists, who entered by doors that were supposed to have been secured. The sprinkler system, which might have contained the fire, had been disconnected. Alas, there is nothing left of the Odeon playhouse.

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