Katherine Munford
Katherine Munford

The best source of information on this phase of the Seminary
comes from a series of articles written by Ric Nelson for the

NPS Alumnae Bulletin.
Those articles, and many of the photos which appear here,
are copyrighted by Ric Nelson. 
The photos are used here with his permission.

Katherine Munford, like the Cassedys, was from a small town in Ohio. She was born June 20, 1870 in Anna, Ohio. Her mother had been a teacher, so she educated young Katherine at home until the age of 14 when she entered high school at Sidney, Ohio. The transition was hard for her. Fortunately, the principal at Sidney, Ida Haslup, took an interest in her success. Ms. Haslup was also a very good friend of Vesta Cassedy.

Katherine graduated in 1887, and then enrolled in Ohio Wesleyan University. However, she withdrew instead of graduating in 1893 to begin teaching in the public schools of Sidney. She continued her studies via correspondence course from Illinois Wesleyan University, and earned her Ph.B. and M.A. that way.

In 1896, Ms. Haslup invited Katherine to join her at Pueblo (Colorado) High School. Later, Ms. Haslup wrote a letter of recommendation for Katherine to her friend Vesta. Katherine Munford became the Head Mistress of NPS in 1907, the Preceptress in 1909, and was promoted to Dean in 1912.

Ms. Munford was a strict disciplinarian, who constantly reminded the girls of the necessity for "ramrod-straight" posture and clean rooms.


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