the Miller Library

drawing of the Miller library

This was not the main library for the Seminary. The Miller Library was built to hold the rare book collection of Jahu Dewitt Miller. Miller was a good friend of the Cassedys, and when he passed through on a speaking tour in 1901, John Cassedy offered to build him a place to store his collection. Miller was somewhat surprised that this offer was made in earnest, but within a few months (December, 1901) the building was complete and the collection was moved in January, 1902.

interior of the Miller library

The exterior of the building is marked by a stucco band, which indicates the location of the interior mezzanine level. The graceful curve of the walled entrance complements the curve of the hill on which the building is set. An upstairs room may have been Miller's office during the several weeks each Spring that he stayed at Forest Glen.

entrance to the Miller library


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