The Gymnasium

When the Cassedys established the school, one of the first new buildings they erected was a Gymnasium to provide the girls with healthy indoor activities. The hotel already had a building that contained a two-lane bowling alley, and the Gym provided enough room for basketball and other indoor sports.
the original two-lane bowling alley the first Gymnasium

However, the first gym proved inadequate as enrollment climbed, so a new building was erected in 1907.

The new Gymnasium as built in 1907

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new Gym portico A portico was added in the 1920s with eight large Corinthian columns, and the Gym was connected to Aloha and to Recitation Hall by a glass-covered walkway, supported by caryotids.
another view of the portico This building still stands today, although the deterioration of the front portico is severe, and the walkway (shown at bottom right) was removed.
interior of the Gym The interior of the 1907 gym was much more spaceous than the first gym.
indoor swimming pool The Gym had an upper floor running track, a solarium, a swimming pool, and "needle baths" (as the showers were known).
interior of the Gym There were also two bowling lanes adjacent to the gym floor.

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