the Zeta Swiss chalet

the Zeta Swiss chalet

The Zeta Eta Theta sorority organized in 1898, soon after Chiopi and Alpha. The girls were allowed to develop their own design, and they chose a more exotic theme than the bungalows of the earlier sororities (the plans were refined with the help of an architect, of course). The clubhouse was built in the style of a Swiss chalet. The Swiss legation in Washington looked at the plans and pronounced the building an authentic replica of a mountain chalet.

The interior of the chalet was more impressive than you might think from the exterior.

the interior of the Zeta chalet clubhouse

The Zeta chalet was moved from its original location when the Ament Ballroom was constructed. It was connected to the other buildings through the Chateau Causeway. The building is generally in good shape, except that the deck boards surrounding it are rotting.

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