Charles Bullock

The best source of information on this phase of the Seminary
comes from a series of articles written by Ric Nelson for the

NPS Alumnae Bulletin.
Those articles, and many of the photos which appear here,
are copyrighted by Ric Nelson. 
The photos are used here with his permission.

Charles Bullock was hired as a porter at NPS in 1895. Later, he was put in charge of handling and delivering the mail, and he ran the Post Office.

Everyone knew him simply as "Charles." He was well-liked by the girls, and every year at the Christmas dinner when the staff was given Christmas bonus money, everyone always cheered when Charles went up to collect his envelope.

Charles Bullock has the distinction of being with the school longer than anyone else. He was still employed by the National Park College when it was taken over by the Army in 1942. That's 47 years of service! While he was not formally employed the first year of school, he was around, and his tenure lasted until the school closed. For many years, he and his family lived in the upper floor of the brick house that had been the Gas House of the hotel and which later stored fuel oil.


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