map of the bridges

From the beginning, the foot bridge (also known as the Honeysuckle Bridge) crossed the Glen from the train station toward the Forest Inn (later called the Main Building). It was 220 feet long, supported on light iron trusses.

foot bridge

A pair of bridges carried carriage and automobile traffic through the front gates. The first bridge (which was sometimes called the Wood Bridge) ran from the Train Station to the edge of the Glen next to Villa and the Beta Castle. The road continued on solid ground for a short distance, and then ran across a second bridge which ended next to the Delta Colonial House and the Kappa Windmill.

The drawbridge from the Beta Castle intersected the second of these bridges.

two part wood bridge

The Pergola Bridge connected Villa to a point between the Beta Colonial house and Practice House. If it was nice weather, you could walk on top of it, where roses might be blooming, or in rainy weather, you could walk in the shelter underneath.

pergola with roses

The Dog Bridge and the Sphinx Bridge (so named for figures that guarded the entrances) were two adjacent bridges behind the Odeon that allowed traffic from the county road which looped briefly down into the Glen to feed into what is now Linden Lane. Since Linden Lane now curves into a modern bridge over the Beltway, the need is not so apparent now. When this new bridge was built and Linden Lane was connected to it, the Sphinx Bridge was torn down. The Dog Bridge still exists, although the unusual howling dog statues which graced it have long since gone.

Dog bridge

Sphinx bridge

close-up of sphinxes on bridge


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