The Alpha bungalow clubhouse

Alpha bungalow, the oldest of the clubhouses

While the Geuth-Hebrew Society was not the first sorority at NPS, the bungalow clubhouse that was built for it was the first of eight such houses. Before Geuth, Chiopi was founded secretly without the prior approval of the Cassedys. That may be part of the reason that Chiopi did not get priority in having a clubhouse built, since Vesta Cassedy wanted to send a message to Charlotte Priest and all the girls that exclusionary practices were not looked upon with approval (or was there another message?). Geuth was later renamed Alpha Epsilon Pi.

The Alpha clubhouse was one of the first East Coast examples of a popular style of the day, the bungalow. It was built from oak trees felled when the site was cleared. It was of modest size, and cozy with a large fireplace. None of the clubhouses were used as dormitories, but rather were a place to socialize.

The interior of the Alpha bungalow. Half-way up the chimney, you can make out a skull and cross-bones. These are real! The story is that two physicians made a bet that the one that outlived the other could decide what to do with the remains of the deceased.


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