Aloha house

Aloha as originally built

Aloha was the name the Cassedys chose for their private residence at National Park Seminary. "Aloha," of course, is the Hawaiian word that means, among other things, "hello, welcome." When Aloha was first built, it was a modest-sized house, adequate for the Cassedys and their two sons.

Court of the Maidens

The Aments built their own residence called the President's House, and Aloha was expanded and used as a residence hall for the younger girls ("Junior House"). The original Aloha is the smaller segment to the right. To the left (out of the picture) there was a covered caryotid walkway to the Gymnasium. Dr. Ament added the brick arches and statues to form the "Porch of the Maidens." The Chapel is to the right of this picture.

Aloha as expanded for Junior House


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