1944 painting of WRAMC at Forest Glen
This 1944 painting shows Forest Glen when it was first used
for convalescence of wounded soldiers. 
Click on the image for a larger picture (103 KB), suitable for printing.

Since 1942, the site has been an Annex of Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Initially, it housed wounded soldiers and amputees, who were taught practical coping skills like how to board a streetcar. It also housed psychological patients, and the last clinic use was a radiological unit in the top floor of the Ballroom.

petemike1949.jpg (22069 bytes)
"Pete and Mike, 1949"
Courtesy Grace Abernathy

The sorority clubhouses were officers' quarters. During this time, the buildings were maintained and kept up to minimum standards.

band1951sm.jpg (21402 bytes)
1st Hospital Band, August 1951
Courtesy Grace Abernathy

The Army erected barracks-style buildings adjacent to the Gymnasium and across Linden Lane where the Athletic Field had been. Otherwise, most of their new construction since the War has been on the parts of the property which had been the tobacco farm. During the construction of a new Commissary complex in the late 1960s, the Edgewood plantation house and the surviving slave cabins were torn down.

In the past, the Army announced plans to tear down the Seminary buildings and use the property for other purposes, like erecting an incinerator for hazardous medical wastes, or putting up condominiums. Residents of surrounding neighborhoods and preservationists mounted a vigorous campaign to prevent this from happening. The designation of the property as a Historical Site has frustrated those plans, but the Army still holds the property and has yet to disclose its long-term plans for the property over the objections of some neighbors who recognized their historical signifance.

Senator Paul Sarbanes (D-Maryland) has been instrumental in encouraging the Army to do something to slow deterioration of the property. Much needed repairs to roofs and gutters have recently been completed because Sarbanes insisted on this budget item. The Army says that it will divest itself of the property, but it is not clear when.

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